Ion Heating System that Lowers Military Heating Fuel budget of 170.8 billion won to just 40 billion won

6 Jul 2022
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We operated the boiler that connected the ion heating system to a 60-liter water tank at the munitions industry fair.
It was run for 3 days and used about 3 kWh of electricity for 3 days.
We showed you real-time temperature and power usage in person.
When the temperature is set, power is not used, and when the temperature drops by 1 degree, 0.1 kW is used to raise the temperature by 1 degree.
You could even see the accumulated amount of power with the power meter.

Another achievement is that we announced new technologies at the 2022 Military Industry Development Competition, we gave a strong impression to the officials 

In 2022, the military budget, which has been set aside for heating fuel expenses, is 170.8 billion won.

Compared to the last year 2021, it costs about 30 billion won more.

This is because fuel costs are currently rising, but the budget was set at the beginning of the year, it may increase by more than 30 billion won by the end of this year.

Otherwise, the soldiers will have no choice, and they will go to shiver in the cold also take a cold shower to save money.

It's not like the military in the past, and it doesn't make sense live like this to send a precious son to the military these days.

Furthermore, if you use our ion heating system, not only they will reduce the heating budget to 40 billion won but also soldiers can live warm 24 hours a day and use hot water without worrying about the cost.

Military officials, please decide after using the test of the ion heating system at military facilities.

Then, you won't waste of money and it can be used where it's really need.

Let's kill more two birds with one stone to save energy and reduce carbon emissions!

This is our new technology announcement video.